Career Opportunities

Put your translation skills to work with Apex. We’re always looking for professional native speakers to join our translation team. Minimal qualifications include:

arrowyellow   Native speaker of a language other than English plus near-native fluency in at least one other language.

arrowyellow   Five years of translation experience.

arrowyellow   Professional experience in technology, engineering, sciences, law, medicine, finance, academia, etc.

arrowyellow   Linguistics studies at an accredited university

Candidates will be tested and interviewed for proficiency, fluency, and cultural competency considerations. Apex offers competitive compensation and an excellent translation support network.

To submit an application, please complete your profile in our database now.


Responsible for all linguistic aspects of our translation production process, including quality assurance, proofreading, assessing/reviewing client feedbacks, and translator selection and qualification. Preferred qualification profile:

Pfeil_Aufzaehlung   Fluency in as many foreign languages as possible
Pfeil_Aufzaehlung   Academic background in Linguistics
Pfeil_Aufzaehlung   Excellent computer skills and knowledge of software applications used in the translation industry
Pfeil_Aufzaehlung   Excellent people management skills
Pfeil_Aufzaehlung   Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Applicant must be US citizen, or holder of a US Visa that includes a work permit. Experience in the translation industry would be a plus. You would work in our office in Plymouth, North Carolina. Plymouth is situated on the Roanoke River in Washington County, approximately 1.5 hours by car from the Outer Banks. We are planning to fill this position in the foreseeable future. If you are interested please contact Apex Translations, Inc. at 1-800-634-4880 and ask for Dr. Florian Deltgen, ext. 25. Alternatively, please send a cover letter and resume via e-mail (, or mail to: Apex Translations, Inc. 123 B W. Water Street, Plymouth, NC 27962.